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Multimedia Flash design services by DADI - dadi-online

Multimedia Flash design services by DADI - dadi-online supply full flash presentation design and Flash banner design for website's.  We create fully animated and interactive Flash presentations, Flash movies and Flash navigation, icons, buttons and flash advertisements. Flash web site design and interactive flash web site development.

RuGame web site and forum web site design example - 2007Flash allows us to create animated movies or dynamic content and display this in a variety of ways in much the same way as a TV advert.

Flash is flexible medium and can be used for either an online web site design, multimedia presentation, or an offline product DVD or CD-Rom.  The added interactivity that flash can bring to a presentation will help to keep your viewers engaged.

Flash is ideal for online presentations or advertisements and is regularly used for e-learning applications due to its interactivity and small file size.

Flash works via the use of a plugin which downloads into your browser. We make sure that all of our flash files and corresponding web pages are tested and viewable in all of the major browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and OPERA.

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"What is Flash?"

Adobe Flash - previously called Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash - is a set of multimedia technologies developed and distributed by Adobe Systems and earlier by Macromedia.

An example of a flash movie:

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Since its introduction in 1996, Flash technology has become a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to web pages; Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications. (Extract from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at

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"Will adding flash to my web page make it download slower?"

Since the advent of broadband download times have increased greatly. A hugh majority of your customers will no doubt be using a broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of around 1mb, although some still do use slower dial-up 56k and ISDN. 

This means that using flash correctly will not add greatly to your page download times.  Flash works by displaying a movie and as the movie progresses it will request further movies or pages from the server. This lessens the download time as only a small portion of the movie needs to be downloaded to create the main page or web site interface. 

Each flash animation that we create is optimised to download in the quickest time possible on any internet connection. 

Using Flash for a multimedia presentation, online or offline.

Flash is the ideal technology when creating a multimedia presentation.  It allows us to add interactive features such as buttons, animated icons, video, sound and external web links or more advanced features such as linking the presentation to an external database or shopping cart system.

The size of the completed Flash presentation or Flash movie is tiny in comparison to a Microsoft PowerPoint or video style presentation and can easily be stored on a laptop, CD-Rom, DVD or USB stick.

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"Full flash website's"

A full flash web site is an ideal solution if you have a new product or service to launch.  Many larger companies use a full flash web site as a mini site contained within their main website or online ecommerce store.  With flash you can allow a fully interactive product demonstration allowing the end user of your site to view the product in 3 dimensions before purchasing. 

"Is there any drawbacks to using flash online?"

One of the main drawbacks of using a fully flash web site is its inability to cater for people who have disabilities or use screen readers. Another major drawback is the inability for search engines to index data contained within a Flash movie or .SWF file. 

This means that extra emphasis must be placed upon optimising the underlying HTML code for the search engines.

Click here for more information regarding search engine optimisation.

Online advertisements

With many businesses turning towards advertising over the internet, flash technology has quickly been utilised for its advantages in online animated adverts.

The advantages between having a static web banner type advert and an animated flash advertisement quickly become apparent.  The animated flash advert will always catch an end users eye first, it allows you to include images, video, sound and even forms to collect data.

Click here for more information on online animated adverts.

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"What we do"

Specialist Cars - Auto sales web site - 2007We can create and design for you, a custom full flash animated web site, multimedia presentation, flash banner or flash advertisement using your chosen colours, images, photographs or companies branding.

We specialise in producing high quality interactive multimedia presentations, flash presentations, pdf documents, online adverts and rich media for all types of business. We are professional, efficient and reliable, with a diverse and contemporary multimedia design portfolio.

We can create and design various types of multimedia solution for you or your business including; multimedia presentation design, interactive flash presentation design, online advert design, rich media design, PDF document design and interface design for website's, blog's, forums, bulletin boards or applications.

At DADI - we assess your needs and tailor a solution to fit within your budget, after all we are here to help you attain funds, not spend them unwisely.

We are also UK registered web site designers and produce high quality web site design and graphic design for both individuals and businesses's alike on a regular basis.

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Cross Media design

What does Cross Media mean?

Well... how many companies today use one process and set of images, logo's, corporate colours and design for advertising, another for direct mail, and then a completely different set for their web site and online activities?

From brochures and annual reports to direct mail, business stationery, company logos and web site designs DADI - dadi-online can provide you with a professional solution to help achieve your goal.

All of our artwork is designed to be cross media compatible, enabling us to offer a range of cross media solutions for your business, to allow your unique identity to be used successfully across all types of media, whether its printed, online or on a DVD-Rom presentation.

We offer a comprehensive list of graphic design, website design and multimedia design services, click any of the links opposite to learn more.


We also provide a professional graphic design service, for both individuals and business customers.

To find out more about how we can help your business with a high quality corporate design, please contact us

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